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The OASIS SCHOOL aims to prepare students academically, physically, and mentally in an environment fostering holistic development, and cultivating well-rounded individuals ready for success in all aspects of life. Under the shadow of Oasis Sainik School.

develop body, mind & character
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Certified Institute
The Oasis School is Officially a CBSE Board Certified School. Our Aim is to provide quality education by improving values as citizens of India.
Qualifed Teachers
The faculty of The Oasis school consists of highly qualified teachers, who are handpicked and regressly trained with extensive teaching experience in their respective fields.

The Oasis School

Best Residential School

Education means all round development of the child. This is possible if any institution provides every possible needs of the students to progress. With this aim in mind we have decided to start a special school “The Oasis School”. Why I thought of starting a school pattern of school here in this village. Every parent wants his child to become a good military officer or any another kind of officer.
The Oasis School provides educational terms and boarding facilities for students in excellent infrastructure with an enviable teacher-pupil ratio. The priority is not examination grades but the stimulation of independent inquiry and intellectual curiosity. Students are encouraged to maintain a balance between academic work and a wide range of co-curricular opportunities with sporting and cultural achievement valued equally.

Oasis At Glance


Lab - 7


Programme - 7


Infrastructure - 9


Activities - 7


Class - 40


Sports - 15+


Dining - 7

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Admission Open For 2024-2025

Committed To The Best Results !

An investment made in Oasis School pays may dividends through life. From the moment a child enters the school gate, he gets to realize who he is: and where his potential lies. Irrespective of his background or caliber, he is groomed and nurtured in a way that he can stride into the adult world, confidently, responsibly and independently.
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The Oasis School Equipped With

8-Lane Running Track

Propel fitness on our 8-lane track, inspiring athleticism, endurance, and a vibrant, healthy lifestyle for students embracing active living.

Semi-Olympic Swimming Pool

Dive into excellence in our semi-Olympic pool, fostering water confidence, swimming skills, and a love for aquatic sports among students.


Precision hub with top-notch equipment, nurturing focus, accuracy, and a passion for the art of archery among our students.

A Sprawling Football Ground

Expansive field for soccer enthusiasts, promoting skill development, teamwork, and a deep love for the game among students.


Experience joy in horse-riding, fostering a unique connection, responsibility, and confidence among students on our campus.

Cricket Ground

Elevate cricket skills on our professional ground, fostering teamwork, individual growth, and a love for the sport among students.

Basketball Court

Precision court for success, where students learn teamwork, strategy, and develop a lasting love for basketball in our campus.

Yoga And Meditation

Cultivate wellness in our serene space, enhancing focus, balance, and mental well-being through yoga and meditation for our students.


Cultural hub for events, performances, fostering talent showcase, creativity, and a sense of community spirit among our students.

A Message From The Principal

Mr. Anil Kashyap

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to The Oasis School! As Principal, my commitment is to create a vibrant and nurturing environment for your children. Our mission extends beyond academics, focusing on life skills, values, and character development. Our dedicated educators aim to stimulate intellectual curiosity, foster creativity, and encourage personal growth. Emphasizing discipline, integrity, and leadership, we ensure students excel academically and emerge as responsible, empathetic, and confident individuals.

Your active involvement is invaluable in this educational journey. We invite you to be partners in creating a nurturing and enriching environment. The Oasis School is more than a school; it’s where dreams are nurtured, talents are honed, and futures are built.

Thank you for entrusting us with your children’s education. I look forward to the positive impact we can create together.

Warm regards,
Principal- Mr. Anil Kashyap


At The Oasis School, we take pride in offering top-notch hostel facilities for our residential students. Our commitment to providing a nurturing and comfortable living environment is unwavering, and we have meticulously designed our accommodations to cater to the needs of our students. activities, where achievements in sports and culture are equally valued. Our structured programs are designed to broaden our students’ understanding of global issues, fostering a well-rounded education.

Our Best Facilities

Unmatched amenities fostering holistic growth in a nurturing learning environment.

Modern Classrooms

Cutting-edge spaces equipped with digital boards, fostering creativity and interactive learning.

Well Equipped Library

A treasure trove of knowledge, our library nurtures a love for reading and exploration.

Science Labs

State-of-the-art labs cultivating scientific curiosity and hands-on experimentation.

Computer Lab

Tech-infused hub empowering students with digital skills for a dynamic future.

Maths Lab

A vibrant space where numbers come alive, making mathematics engaging and accessible.


A grand stage for events, performances, and community gatherings, fostering unity.

Audio Visual Room

Immersive learning experiences through cutting-edge audio-visual technology.


Building leadership, discipline, and patriotism through National Cadet Corps activities.

Daily Yoga Sessions

Balancing mind and body – daily yoga sessions for holistic well-being.

Music Band

Harmonising talents, our music band creates a symphony of passion and creativity.

Daily Personality

Cultivating confidence, communication, and character for personal and academic success.

Development Classes

Nurturing holistic growth through targeted sessions for academic and personal advancement.

Management Council

Distribution Of Programs Of Your Choice

Yet, in today’s world, no institution of repute and quality can afford to sit on it’s laurels. So, a decisive shift is being engineered that will help to gain a global reputation.

SECONDARY (Class VI to Class VIII ):

  • Individualized Learning
  • Interactive Curriculum
  • Independent Learning
  • Experiential Learning


  • Objective-Focused Training
  • Monitored Progress
  • Confidence Building
  • Result-Oriented Approach


  • IIT-JEE Preparation
  • NEET Readiness
  • Olympiad Excellence
  • NDA Aspirations


  • Engaging Learning Paths
  • Interactive Curriculum
  • Encouraging Independence
  • Hands-On Experience


Republic Day
Sports Meet
Annual Day
Christmas Day
Gurunanak Dev Jyanti

Review's From Our Alumni

Alumni voices echo success, a testament to The Oasis School’s excellence.
My school days at Oasis were a scientific adventure. The vibrant atmosphere and cutting-edge amenities fueled my curiosity. The highly experienced faculty made every experiment a memorable learning experience.
Arjun Verma


Oasis was my creative haven. The enriching atmosphere and supportive faculty shaped my passion for humanities. Quality education wasn’t just a goal; it was a journey of self-expression and discovery.
Ananya Sharma


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